Corporate Social Responsibility

Seeking to promote positive social and environmental change in our communities, Nuqul Group has directed its efforts towards developing economic, legal and educational sectors through its CSR initiatives. These initiatives are organized to meet specific objectives including guaranteeing strong social returns, sustainability, inclusiveness, empowering the community and ensuring extended social impacts.


One objective of "Growing Together" is to utilize natural resources in the most effective way possible. This allows us as well as our partners and brands to continue expanding in a safer and more sustainable way. That being said, we have implemented environmentally friendly policies which has, in turn, helped Nuqul Group in strengthening its reputation in the market as a responsible corporate citizen.


Global Compact

In 2007 and among the first companies in Jordan, Nuqul Group became a signatory to the United Nations' Global Compact Initiative, the world's largest voluntary corporate responsibility movement. Nuqul Group has committed to integrate the ten corporate social responsibility principles of the Global Compact in its corporate culture and day-to-day business operations. The aim of the Global Compact is to bring companies together with UNDP, labor and civil society to show cognizance of human rights around the world and to support fundamental labor rights, anti-corruption measures and environmental protection. Joining the Global Compact brings concrete advantages for Nuqul Group, including economic success and positive developments for both the communities and the environment that we operate in.

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